Ohlheiser Custom Assembly Services


Ohlheiser provides custom assembly services to help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve profitability.

We work with you to ensure that custom components meet your exact specifications, and we stand behind our products: Your custom-assembled components will produce accurate, reliable results and are sure to last for years to come.

Ohlheiser Custom Assembly Capabilities


We consult with you to determine your exact needs and assist with the design of new sub-assemblies to meet those needs.


We work with vendors to meticulously identify functional requirements. Our team of outstanding vendors will create custom-fabricated products to the necessary specifications.


We know our catalog of tens of thousands of products inside and out. We’ll make sure that the right parts are ordered, no matter how unique the application.


Our state of the art facility, featuring a negative atmosphere environment to guarantee low levels of pollutants, uses advanced assembly systems to ensure your components are built right, every time.


No assembly is complete without testing. Our thorough and meticulous process uses proprietary in-house testing equipment. We ensure that your assemblies meet your specifications and log all test results, including operation, micro-fluidics valves, seal integrity and much more.


We ship assemblies Just-In-Time (JIT) to help you save money. Your components will arrive when you need them — not before and never after.


Ohlheiser is a leading-edge facility with an environment appropriate for assembling components for manufacturing, medical, food and beverage, aerospace, semiconductor and engineering applications.

With a negative atmosphere environment, you can rest assured that the pollutant levels are low and meet standards for dust, chemical vapors, aerosol particles, and airborne microbes.


Our Value-Added services will help you drastically reduce costs throughout the assembly process:

  • Reduce purchasing costs
  • Enhance receiving efficiency
  • Increase speed of inspection times and turnarounds
  • Decrease stocking time and effort
  • Accelerate testing timeframes
  • Improve quality control

Better Utilize Assets

Improve Cash Flow

Grow Profitability

Increase Productivity

Save Time

Save Money

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